From an early age, everything we perceive from the world around us comes from the interpretation of the messages we receive through our senses. Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste allow us to understand the world and its peculiarities, and stimulating our senses helps us build a more complex and, consequently, richer physical and social world.

At Sa Garrofa we offer experiences to help you stimulate your senses and make the most of its benefits:


Physical touch connects people emotionally and holds several elements associated to well-being. Science has proved that, through a friendly touch, skin sends a signal to the brain, which reduces the production of stress hormone cortisol. Massages are the main tool to effectively activate the benefits of touch. At Sa Garrofa we have Sound Massage sessions, an experience that, besides providing all the benefits of physical touch, stimulates hearing and even touch -in a subtle way- throughout the sound vibrations emitted by the gongs and the Tibetan bowls that are played during our sessions. Smell is also stimulated thanks to essential oils, which facilitate touch and are able to provide therapeutic benefits depending on both the essence and the concentration used.


We already know the power of music to evoke vivid memories or to transport us to different spiritual states. Sound is a strong stimulant of our emotions and, at Sa Garrofa, we use it to reach our different psychospiritual levels. Through the proposal Sa Garrofa Med Sound and Soul Lab we offer sessions of Meditation Concerts, Gong Baths, Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation and other activities that are part of different sound studies and research works on how it generates altered states of consciousness or trances. Join one of our group or individual sessions and let yourself be carried away by a sonorous journey to inner peace.


A good meal can stimulate the release of dopamine, the hormone associated with well-being. If the meal looks tasty and is cooked with organic and km 0 ingredients, it’s even better. This is Sa Garrofa’s menu proposal, which wants to sharpen palates offering meal options for both those in search of a good rib eye with certificate of origin or those who follow vegan, restrictive or allergen-free diets.

Desserts, which are mostly home-made, are also an extra treat for you and, when accompanied by a good aromatic infusion, they perfectly complement any choice you have made. Get your dopamine flowing with our menu, especially if it comes with good beverages and beautiful views.


Seguramente ya has escuchado el dicho de que “un imagen vale más que mil palabras”, esto se dice porque el sentido de la visión es responsable por identificar, interpretar y comprender las informaciones gráficas del mundo al nuestro alrededor. Estar cercado de cosas monas hace nuestra rutina más placentera y agrega buenas emociones a cualquier cosa que estamos haciendo. En Sa Garrofa tenemos terrazas y rincones exteriores cercados de verde, flores y vida natural. Huerto, jardines, hamacas y lounges hacen parte de nuestro paquete de vistas lindas que necesitas conocer y disfrutar.

You have probably heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It means that the vision is responsible for identifying, interpreting and understanding the graphic information from the world around us. Being surrounded by beautiful things makes our routine more pleasant and adds positive emotions to anything we are doing. At Sa Garrofa we have terraces and outdoor spaces surrounded by greenery, flowers and natural life. A vegetable patch, gardens, hammocks and lounges are part of the beautiful views you should discover and enjoy. 

Find out our event programme, service proposals or just book a table at our restaurant and let your senses be delighted by Sa Garrofa.

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