What is the Green Movement

The “Green movement” is a popular movement that has been recently initiated by companies that started to pursue environmentally-friendly policies. Being “green” implies great benefits for companies that, when adopting eco-friendly practices, help clients be environmentally friendly and, at the same time, carry out operations that support and help save nature.

“Being “green” means having attitudes towards the protection and appreciation of nature.”

This initiative received a great boost in 2017, when Pantone, the worldwide colour authority, selected “greenery” as the colour of the year. “Greenery” – a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade– has influenced fashion, interior décor and even food. Being surrounded by nature has become a trend that includes some other shades and introduces different behaviours to our lifestyles. Since green is a colour that represents new beginnings, the greenery proposal attempts to revitalise, bring balance and calm and, obviously, add a natural touch to daily life. 

“Greenery was the colour of the year 2017and has remained as a philosophy of life until today”.

There are many ways to adopt a greenery lifestyle, starting with the simplest and most important: plants. It is the quickest and most natural way to fill your rooms with greenery. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a garden, a terrace or a balcony; you can fill your indoor spaces with small plants or you can even make a mini garden and bring nature to your home. Another excellent initiative is eating healthy, adding more vegetables and more natural and organic ingredients to your diet. At Sa Garrofa’s menu we have salads, hamburgers and some other vegetable choices that will help you eat healthy.

“Eating vegetables means eating healthy and thanks to Sa Garrofa’s menu you can make it possible” 

Within the proposal of revitalization and personal balance of the Greenery movement, healthy practices such as yoga and meditation are recommended. Yoga involves physical movements and its practice assures, apart from a toned body, a balanced mind and a free spirit.

Meditation practice also has countless benefits, such as changing our mind and improving our well-being. When meditating, we find a space to restore our inner nature, which is very connected to the Greenery movement.

“Meditating and practicing yoga mean restoring our inner nature”.

If you want to be part of the Greenery movement from today on, eating healthy and practicing yoga and meditation, do not forget to check out our agenda and visit our restaurant.

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