Mindfulness is the English translation of the term sati, from the Pali language. It can be described as full attention, full consciousness or strict attention and consists of being intentionally attentive to what we do, without judgement, adherences or rejection to our experience. Mindfulness is about observation without criticism, being compassionate with yourself.

It´s a practice based on the Vipassana meditation.

This practice, sustained over time, provides important benefits: it helps to prevent depression, regulate anxiety, reduce irritability, improve your memory and increase mental and physical energy. It also increases the quality of relationships and helps to reduce and manage chronic stress.

Two-hour Mindfulness workshop

The intention of this two-hour Mindfulness workshop is to provide attendees with tools to develop and integrate practical skills following the Stress Reduction program of Jon Kabat-Zinn and apply them to daily life.

Attendees will perform a series of mindfulness exercises in order to:

– Identify causes of and ways to manage stress

– Answer instead of reacting in front of difficult and complex situations

– Increase their concentration ability


One-day Mindfulness workshop

After a brief introduction to mindfulness history and its theoretical aspects, during these workshops attendees will perform a series of meditation practices with full attention that include:

– A guided relaxation of the body.

– Gentle stretching exercises (hatha yoga).

Meditation while sitting and walking, in order to manage daily stress.

– A workshop closure where participants will be provided with practical suggestions about how to expand and use their experiences with full attention.

In these workshops participants will learn:

  • To achieve deep relaxation and reducing stress states.
  • To answer better and react less to stress generating situations.
  • The ability to be present, completely awake to life.
  • A method to increase concentration through mindfulness practice in their daily lives.
  • The ability to increase creativity through the deliberate cultivating of an attention without limits or effort.


This is an ancestral meditation technique, mainly developed in the Kriya Yoga traditions and Tibetan Buddhism.

It develops sympathy and loving kindness in order to achieve the unconditional acceptance of ourselves, of others and of our environment.

The main objective is to transmute negative emotions into creative and generative stimulus in order to achieve coherence between a person’s true essence, what they do or what they devote their life to and what they respect, their role with the others, be it their family, friends or society in general.

We use a mixed technique that combines ancestral traditions with the latest contributions of neuroscience.

Specialised in meditation with sounds

At Sa Garrofa we have a team of sound therapists that integrate sound, Tibetan bowls, gongs, binaural sound and hang, among others, in order to help you to achieve expanded states of consciousness. At our centre, sound is integrated into all meditations.

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